Most small businesses survive for many years, a fate worse than failure.

This is not what we typically hear. Generally we hear that 80% or 90% of businesses fail. Most in the first year.

But it isn’t true. Most businesses survive. Most entrepreneurs keep their businesses going for a long time. The problem is not survival.

Survival can be a fate worse than failure

Business failure seems bad. But business survival can be even worse.

In our experience most entrepreneurs are scratching out a living. They work hard at marketing, sales, business building and making their business work. These entrepreneurs survive, but they aren’t thriving. All of the studies about business survival miss the point: the question is not whether or not your business exists after 2 years or 5 years.

The question is whether you can have confidence in your business, whether you can take a vacation, whether you get the lifestyle you want

This is thriving.

We don’t want entrepreneurs to survive. That is a very low bar.

We are creating a world in which entrepreneurs thrive. We imagine a world in which your business works for you, where you earn the money you want, live the lifestyle you want and accomplish your vision for yourself and your business.

Why most businesses don’t thrive.

You are good at what you do. You know that what you do has value.

But being good at something does not automatically translate to having an effective business. Starting a business involves a whole different set of skills. You may be great at what you do but, are you great at running a business?

For almost everybody the answer is no. And this can leave entrepreneurs feeling:

  • Frustrating

  • Overwhelming

  • Even Lonely

We get it! We’ve been there!

The good news is that starting a business is a well defined process: follow the steps and you will thrive.

Red Sapiens is made up of entrepreneurs.

We have taken dozens of companies from their first dollar to their millionth so we have figured out the formula. It is a straightforward process, do the work and you will grow. Follow our program and you will have a thriving business.

Our MAPP program guides you to create the critical infrastructure to support your business. We have the process, the structures, the template - everything you need to power your business.

Building a business is work, but we support you

Yes, you still have to do the work. Building a business is work, there is no way around that. But we are with you every step of the way.

We make sure you do the right things, we illuminate the end of the tunnel and show you how to get there. We work with you through:

  • Our MAPP program workshop, 2 days where you build your business plan.

  • The EngageStory workshop - where you lear how to market your business.

  • Weekly hurdle calls where we dig in as a group to solve specific problems.

  • One on one support to help you overcome specific challenges.

  • Models, templates, processes that save mountains of time.

  • Mastermind breakfasts.

  • Online and offline networking.

  • And More

And if you follow the process: your business will thrive.

We’ve seen it dozens of times, we’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs. Just follow the process and grow your business.

Achieve your goals. Thrive.

And avoid surviving, avoid spending all of your time working to just get by.

What does it cost to get started?

Nothing. Just download the first chapter of our book, read through it and if you are interested we can talk about next steps. So are you ready?