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Time to move beyond survival…
and Thrive!

Build a business that works for you
delivers results and enables the lifestyle
you’ve dreamed of.


How to thrive as an entrepreneur

Move beyond survival.  

If you are building a business, then you are good at what you do.

But if it feels like you are constantly fighting an ever growing mountain of tasks then the MAPP program is just for you, in fact we designed this entire program for you.  

Most entrepreneurs are stuck. They work hard.  

On average the entrepreneur works 63% more and earns 35% less than someone with a job.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can do it differently.  You can learn to thrive. You can learn to work less and earn more.  It is very possible.


You’ve gotten this far, but what’s next?

Are you ready to grow?


What most entrepreneurs do when facing the mountain of tasks is work harder.  They take time away from their families, they stop going on vacation, they stay up late, they hire an assistant who ends up needing more training and help than the benefit he or she provides.  

That doesn’t work.  

  • Long hours do NOT lead to better results.

  • Missing vacation will not make you better at business.

  • Hiring people without the right structure will not help you grow.

And what happens if you don’t change your ways?  

You will end up with a lot of work and no results.  

Maybe bankrupt.

Or worse.

You will end up surviving.


You can survive, or with the right tools and the right support, you could thrive.

Interested in our free training, that will reveal the fundamentals for business success?


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How I transformed my IT service business into a multi-million dollar money printing machine.

When I started running my IT services business it was a disaster.  I made $20k in the first year and $60k in the second year.  

My kids were looking hungry.  

My wife was looking angry.

So I started figuring out the problem.  I read books. I got coaches. I worked.  By the end of the year my business was making 900k.

Because I figured out the formula. I learned the fundamentals and got my business working for me.

Slowly I began helping my clients not just with IT issues but with business Issues.  I learned that most small, medium (actually large) businesses suffer the same challenges I had suffered.  They were looking for the solution.

And I had it.  No mystery, no magic, but good solid business solutions.  And that is where the MAPP program began.

Since then we have had dozens of companies come through the program and see results.  

Here is what people say about Red Sapiens


Corrine Statia

Absolute Events By Corrine

I am eternally grateful to Red Sapiens for helping me to not only grow my business but to really see beyond what I felt were limitations. Being an entrepreneur has many challenges because we are typically wearing many hats. Joe helps you to navigate that by guiding and helping you understand how to creatively delegate and stay out of "overwhelm" which can be crippling for a small business.

Red Sapiens has an amazing toolkit with tools that provide structure for growing your business.

If you're starting a business, save yourself a lot of stress by securing the services of Red Sapiens to move your business in the direction you want it to go and grow. They have a vested interest in making sure you succeed.


Darcy Ann Flanders

Baseline Group NY

Joe and his team are wonderful to work with. Joe understands the hurdles you face when you own a small business and his process helps you identify the hurdles in your way and systematically overcome them.

He takes small businesses to the million mark and beyond.

He has unified our vision and reenergized our team!

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Now it is your turn

When you start the MAPP program you will get the tools to thrive - a whole new world of successful entrepreneurship awaits!

  • Create a business that works for you, a money making engine that brings you cash, success and the lifestyle you want.

  • Build a team to help you get stuff done - they will conquer the mountain of tasks with you and for you.  

  • Market and engage your prospects, easily.  Attract clients so that your pipeline is FULLy.

  • Explode your business so that you are not just surviving but thriving.

It all comes as a part of the MAPP program, a twelve week mastermind, create your business, program.  That includes:

  • Twelve week curriculum.

  • The two day MAPP path workshop.

  • Personal coaching calls and office hour support.

  • The two day Engage Marketing workshop

  • Templates and guidelines that will save you hours, days, of work.

  • Sales training.

  • The MAPP weekly hurdle call..

  • Monthly Mastermind sessions.

  • 9 months of support after your twelve weeks to give you every chance of success.   


And you are 100% safe to try this out, lets talk, you can check our our online space, take 21 days to decide if this works for you.  I am sure it will but if you for some reason are not satisfied with more money, more time and more vacations, let me know and we will refund your money.  

It’s decision time.

You have a choice to make.  Are you ready to do the work, build your business and create the future you desire?  

Are you going to do nothing and continue to work, or are you ready to take action and thrive.

  • Not everybody is right for MAPP, so lets have a conversation to discuss.

  • We will schedule a call and make sure that this is the right program for you.  

  • You will immediately gain access to your personalized drive with templates and other good stuff.  

  • You will get the first session in your program today.  You can get started, right now.

  • Then we schedule the MAPP two day session and you take the next step.  

  • Give us 12 weeks and we will give you the tools to grow your business.  


You choose.