How Entrepreneurs Thrive: Your Road MAPP to Success

How Entrepreneurs Thrive: Your Road MAPP to Success is a guide for entrepreneurs striving to grow, daunted by overwhelm and looking for the pathway to business success.

Joe Rojas is a serial entrepreneur who has seen failure, success and through his experience knows how to make a business work. He has helped dozens of entrepreneurs reach their first million dollars and many others double or triple their business after their first million. 

Now, he has published “How Entrepreneurs Thrive: Your RoadMAPP to Success - Mentor Assisted Power Planning 7 Tools for Business Growth”, a book which guides entrepreneurs through the morass of starting a business and provides an easy to follow path to success.  It fills in that gap of understanding in a simple, straightforward way.  This enables entrepreneurs to focus on their true passions and build the business and lifestyle they want.

Below you can download the 1st chapter of the book.


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