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Who we are


At Red Sapiens we have a desire to make a world where Entrepreneurs can thrive.

We understand the challenges of starting a business, we know that it can be hard to stay motivated, stay on track and deliver real results.

We also know that, ironically, the better someone is at doing what they do - the harder it is to build a business around that thing.

Because building a business is a different, novel, set of skills.

The good news is these skills aren’t too hard, they can be taught, learned and applies. And we are here to help.

This is why we have various Mentor Assisted Power Planning Programs to help individuals and small businesses gain these skills, grow and not just survive… but thrive.

The MAPP Model (Mentor Assisted Power Planning) is a coaching program that focuses on the 7 areas of any business that must be managed and developed to take it to the next million.

This model applies to all size organizations, in any industry.

Our focus is on companies smaller than one million that want to break their first million. Developing these components means getting everyone in the organization rowing in the same direction and focused on your mission and vision.

If you have any questions about what program suits you, please contact us here, we look forward to helping you thrive!

And if you would like more information about the MAPP program, check it out here.


The Team

Models, theories and concepts are great. But the people are really what make our company work… any company. We give you access to our people but also our entire network of people who will be there to help you build, grow and thrive.


Joe Rojas Chief Visionary

Joe Rojas is a successful entrepreneur, who started his first business when he was 17 years old. He grew that business to 25 employees.

Joe joined the US Army when he turned 19. After completing his tour, he worked as a Department of Defense civilian contractor, while remaining in the National Guard for seven years. He worked on equipment for intelligence services. The work was very process oriented because the military produces a field manual for everything from changing a light bulb to operating a tank.


Anna Rojas CFO

Anna Rojas has build business for nearly two decades. She does the numbers, but like all Red Sapiens goes well beyond her niche… she has built a reputation as someone who can accomplish anything, brilliantly and expertly. Back to the numbers she has worked as an outsourced CFO with many reputable technology companies.

She has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, cum laude at the Bernard Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business. She is a Certified Public Accountant and Notary, and a member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Heather Schooler.jpg

Heather Schooler, MAPP Trainer

Heather Schooler, owner of The Money Library, serves both individuals and entrepreneurs in improving their financial positions.  She is an author, national speaker, and innovator in business profitability.

She is a tireless resource at Red Sapiens, dedicated to training, supporting and coaching entrepreneurs.


Ron Martin, CPP, Director, Strategic Programs

Ron, a native New Yorker, retired from the United States (U. S.) Army in 1999 and the U. S. Government in 2011. In between his tours of Federal Service, he served 5 years as a civilian police officer in the Commonwealth of Virginia. During his non-military Federal Service, He served with the U. S. Department of Commerce, where he led the initial implementation of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12). At the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, he served as the Program Director for the development and Implementation of the Department’s Identity, Credentialing, and Access Management (ICAM) Program. 


Carla E. Campos Office Manager | Designer

Office manager extraordinaire Carla is the heart and soul of Red Sapiens. Without her nothing actually ever gets done. We would all walk around with a dazed look of confusion on our faces. With her, our company becomes the well oiled machine it is, allowing us to support you and grow your company.

Carla is your first point of contact and is always there to make sure that things happen when they need to happen.